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Noemí Ojeda Álvarez

She is qualified and has a diploma in human nutrition and dietetics.
A specialist in health care processes.
An expert in nutrition and dietetics applied to sport.

One can ask their doubts and questions about food and nutrition to Noemí

The advantages of
Soy Plus Omega 3.

There is evidence that relate the consumption of Omega 3 3 to the time taken in blood clotting after an impact. This is shown through the studies in isolated populations with a diet based on foods rich in this nutrient. It is believed that the consumption of omega-3 has positive effects on the brain, as well as a beneficial influence on the fetus during pregnancy.

The continued consumption may also decrease the effects of the depression by their vasodilating ability that helps in relaxing the blood vessels. Recommended consumption through food rich in this essential fatty acid not synthesized by the human body, such as oily fish, especially salmon, nuts and soy. In addition to these food enriched with omega 3 one should also include Soy Plus Oil in their diet.

Food plans

We propose different eating plans according to the group of women

To keep fit

Fresh orange juice+ 1/2 toasted cereal bread with olive oil, tomato and Turkey + coffee with milk and brown sugar
2 Kiwi fruit
Seasoned salad with Soy Plus Oil dressing, brown rice stir-fried with vegetables and marinated chicken and 100g of melon
Soya Smoothie
Carrot salad with garlic, parsley, tuna and Soy Plus Oil dressing, and bifidus yogurt Control the intake of fat

To control your diet

Fresh orange and grapefruit juice + 1/2 toasted bread with olive oil and tomato + coffee with milk and brown sugar
Red tea
Salad with Soy Plus Oil dressing or lightly sautéed vegetables in Soy Plus Oil, with grilled meat/fish, and 100g cherries
Fruit salad
Corn salad with goat cheese, salmon, chopped nuts and Soy Plus Oil dressing, and bifidus yogurt.

A partir de 50 años

Fresh orange juice + 1/2 toast rye bread with olive oil, tomato and coffee fresh cheese with milk and brown sugar
1 muesli bar
Bean stew with vegetables and lean meat accompanied with salad dressed with Soy Plus Oil, and a banana
Green tea and 2 oat biscuits
Tomato and tuna salad with Soy Plus Oil dressing, and bifidus yogurt

Recipes with Soy Plus

A few flavourful récipes with our best products

Salmon salad


  • - 200 grams of smoked salmon
  • - 1 lettuce
  • - 50 grams of black olives
  • - 1 Lemon
  • - 1 Apple
  • - Cider vinegar
  • - Pepper and salt to taste
  • - Oil Soy Plus Omega 3


In a bowl mix lemon juice, salt and pepper. Cut the salmon into thin strips and leave it to marinate in the mixture of lemon, salt and pepper for 10 minutes. Cut the lettuce into small pieces and season with oil Soy Plus Omega 3, cider vinegar and salt. Drain the salmon and put it over the lettuce. Cut the Apple into thin slices and add them to the salmon and lettuce. And finally, cut the black olives and sprinkle them on top of the salad to garnish.

Greek Salad


  • - 4 ripe tomatoes
  • - 1 red onion
  • - 1 cucumber
  • - 1 red pepper
  • - 100 grams of feta cheese
  • - Black olives
  • - Oregano
  • - Salt
  • - Black pepper
  • - Soy Plus Omega 3 oil


Cut the tomatoes into eight pieces each, the onions in thin slices and the pepper into strips. Then Peel and cut a cucumber into half and then sliced them into thick slices. Later cut the feta cheese into cubes and mix with tomatoes, onions, capsicum and cucumber. Then we season with Soy Plus Omega 3 oil, salt, oregano and black pepper. Finally put the black olives.

Turnip Orecchiette


  • - 500 grams of orecchiette pasta
  • - 500 grams of turnips
  • - 2 cloves of garlic
  • - 50 grams of Parmesan cheese
  • - Ground black pepper to taste
  • - Salt to taste
  • - Soy Plus Omega 3 oil


First we wash the dirt off the turnips and then take out the hardest part of the stem. Boil them in salted water until they are cooked, then drain them and put them in ice water to stop the cooking. Next fry the minced garlic in Soy Plus Omega 3 oil, and when it is golden brown add chopped turnips. Meanwhile, boil the orechiette in salty water, when the pasta is ‘al dente’ you drain and mix it with the sautéed turnips. Finally add salt and pepper and serve it with Parmesan cheese to taste.

Soy Plus Advices

Lowers cholesterol

'To decrease blood cholesterol levels add one tablespoon of Soy Plus Oil and 6 peeled walnuts to your salad every day ' (it is proven that consumption of Omega-3 fatty acids reduce blood cholesterol levels)

Improve your digestion

'Consume 15 grams of Soy Plus every night for dinner and you can see how digestion can be improved' (there is scientific evidence on the improvement of digestion and sleep after consuming essential fatty acids like Omega-3 regularly)

Improves circulation

'Get used to the daily consumption of soybeans and Soy Plus Oil to improve your blood circulation' (a consumption of flavonoids along with Omega-3 fatty acids help to prevent risk of cardiovascular diseases)

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